Visible Mending Kit- brights


Visible Mending Kit- brights


But don’t keep your mending a secret, make it a design feature by learning the art of visible mending!

In this world obsessed with the cycle of consumerism, slow fashion is more important than ever. Reduce your impact on the environment (and on your wallet!) by mending items you already own. This kit includes everything you need to fix up worn clothes or new-to-you vintage finds and keep the items in your closet in good condition for years to come.

The patches in the kit are a mix of recycled fabrics, as well as Indonesian tenun in ikat patterns and lurik/stripes. The word tenun means weaving in Indonesian as these textiles are hand-dyed, handwoven. To learn more about the tenun process or see more products made from tenun visit Raya Exchange.

This kit features patches in a variety of colors including bright ikat designs. Fabrics in the images are an example of offerings. Fabrics in your kit may differ from the ones shown here.

Kit includes:

  • sewing needle

  • sewing or safety pins

  • white, cotton thread

  • water soluble pen

  • ruler

  • patches made from upcycled materials

  • patches of hand-dyed, handwoven Indonesian tenun

  • instructional pamphlet

Scissors are not included, but may be necessary to prep your clothing and trim patches.

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